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“You think of your own family and wonder how you would deal 

with it yourself. It makes you work harder and have compassion for 

the people who are hurting so much.”– Sgt. Jennifer Pound

Sgt. Jennifer Pound, Media Relations Officer for the RCMP’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) discusses the complex nature of murder investigations in relationship to the family of the victims and the sensitivities around such a horrendous crimes.  Created in 2003, IHIT is an integrated unit made up of RCMP, New Westminster and Abbotsford Police. Since their creation they have taken up more than 400 homicide investigations.

IHIT is the largest homicide team in the Country and is made up of close to 110 police officers and support staff who are committed to solving these tragic crimes.

The IHIT logo has many meanings, but one that rings true to all their investigators is the Latin print surrounding the IHIT crest "Pro Inique Mortuis Justitia" which means "Justice For Those Who Have Died Unfairly".

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