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“I believe when someone chooses to put the public at risk and drive while impaired that they have made the choice that it does not matter who comes in their path of destruction. Unfortunately my daughter paid the price with her life”                               –Markita Kaulius

​In 2011 Markita Kaulius’s daughter was taken from her unexpectedly when a drunk driver slammed into her car at over 100 km/hr. Kassandra Kaulius was only 22 years old when she was on her way home from coaching softball in Surrey BC. Kassandra was turning left at a popular intersection when the drunk driver accelerated and slammed into her.


Through this horrific event Markita has directed her energy to starting a support group with other families who have lost a loved one to an impaired driver called Families for Justice. Families for Justice now supports people all across Canada and is petitioning to change drinking and driving conviction laws as well as advocating for tougher sentencing for impaired driving causing death.


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