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“Sitting through the trial listening to the horrible details of how Lynn’s last hours were and seeing pictures that we should never have seen was really hard on our family. She was a mother, she was a daughter, she was a sister, she was a friend. She is missed horribly by all of us.” –Donna Irwin

​Donna Irwin, her 55-year old sister Lynn was brutally murdered in 2011 by her fiancé, a former RCMP officer, while in their home in Penticton. After a disagreement the night of the murder, Lynn entered their master bedroom where her fiancée was waiting for her with a gun in hand. Sadly Lynn’s life ended that night at the hands of someone she thought she could trust.


With the highly emotional trial recently ending Donna and her family are trying to piece back together their lives. Donna is determined to stay involved and informed in future court proceedings.


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