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“He had been on the bus already for over 20 hours. A passenger beside him with no forewarning attacked and killed him. My son’s body was desecrated. If I can prevent one other family from having to go through what my family and I have experienced then it will be a well-fought fight and a worthy one” – Carol de Delley

​In 2008 an unsuspecting Timothy McLean, son of Carol de Delley, was sleeping on a Greyhound bus on route to Winnipeg, when a passenger sat next to him and without warning brutally attacked and killed him. With over 30 passengers onboard the horrific event made international headlines due to the gruesome nature of the killing.


In Carol’s journey to healing she has joined several different victims groups and organizations including Manitoba’s Organization for Victims Assistance where she sat on the board. Carol is a mother on a mission dedicated to raising awareness to the Not Criminally Responsible issue in Canada.



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