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"The judge said no murder is explainable and in all his years on the bench he’d never seen anything so absolutely over nothing… Our son made some bad choices but he didn’t ask to be murdered. TJ was an accomplished human being and a fabulous person." - Floyd & Karen Wiebe


​In 2003, Floyd and Karen Wiebe lost their 20 year old son, TJ, to a senseless murder in Winnipeg, Manitoba. TJ’s death was a result of jealousy and greed. He was involved in drugs but had made the determination to quit and get help. On January 6th, 2003, TJ and his family had an appointment with Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, but his life was taken just one day before.


Karen and Floyd have dedicated their lives to helping families who are going through this traumatic experience and helping other kids "Choose To Be Drug Free". As a result of this horrific tragedy, TJ’s Gift Foundation ( was born.


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